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Thread: New forum map?

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    Default New forum map?

    The renames are very easy to tell. This forum community needs more forums as this forum map helps a lot.

    Warez-Spot HQ
    - Rules, News, & Announcements
    (Welcome to Before browsing the community forums and the website itself, please read this forum. Notice, all members MUST read the rules)
    - Feedback & Suggestions
    (Warez-Spot relies on it's users to make everything better. As a member, please compliment on what we do right and bash on what we do wrong. Also, to make this community even better for your needs - please make a suggestion).
    - V.I.P. Information
    (All information about our V.I.P. packages, pricing, deals, contests, etc.)
    Community Central
    - New Member Introductions
    (New to Warez-Spot? Post something about yourself and get known by our users!)
    - Lounge
    (Feel free to talk about anything you'd like to. No flaming or rule breaking!)
    - Fun Spot
    (Play games, share jokes, list funny sites, share video and image links. Bottom line - HAVE FUN!)
    - Contests/Competitions
    (Partipate or make your own contest/competition. Rules are to be given by the poster as well as prizes. Forum rules are not to be broken.)
    - Reviews
    (Post your reviews on anything you'd like to review. Songs, albums, videos, movies, software, etc)
    - Advertisements and links
    (Post any cool links in here for us to view. Do not advertise other warez related websites.)
    - Requests
    (Can't find something you're looking for? Post a request here and we'll find it for you!)
    -- Completed Requests
    (Before requesting something, see if your request was already fulfilled in here!)
    - Misc.
    (Something you want to post doesn't fit in these categories? Post it here!)
    Streaming Downloads
    - Streaming Movies
    (Grab your popcorn, sit down, press play, and enjoy hours of entertainment!)
    - Streaming Music
    (Listen to songs. Music videos are also found here)
    - Streaming TV
    (Watch your favorite TV shows with us!)
    Shared Downloads
    - Full Movies
    (Every type of movie by genre and title you can imagine. Honor, Action, Comedy, Documentary, etc.)
    - Software
    (Looking for that perfect program or wanting to share one with the community? You're welcome here!)
    - Music
    (We have music by the song and by the album. All types of genres are types are here. Some examples: Rock, Rap, R&B, Country, Electronic, Oldies, etc.)
    - Video Games
    (Video games are fun, but also addicting. Get yourself addicted on some of the latest games here!)
    - TV Shows
    (Episodes by the season or indiviually. I'm sure you'll our selection.)
    - Web Warez & Local Warez
    (Scripts, wallpapers, fonts, templates, graphics, anything really.)
    - eBooks & Tutorials
    (Education is good for you. Learn something, read a book, get lost in a world of free knowledge. Remember: Knowledge IS power!)
    - Mobile
    (Anything you can possibly find for all your mobile devices such as your cellphone or your iPod!)
    - Non-Windows
    (Downloads for other operating systems such as: Linux/UNIX, Mac, Solaris, and more!)
    - Misc Downloads
    (Can't find something or don't know where to place your download? This forum is the best option for you!)
    End of the road

    - Test Forum
    (A forum where you can test stuff in posts like fonts and sizes and such.)
    - Archive Office
    (All posts and threads that contained spam, misleading information, dead links, or viruses/malware in downloads. NOTICE: IF A LINK IN HERE WORKS, IT WAS POSSIBLY MOVED DUE TO MALWARE OR A VIRUS IN THE DOWNLOAD. DOWNLOAD AT YOUR OWN RISK! WAREZ-SPOT.COM IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANYTHING YOU DOWNLOAD!!!)
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    Default Re: New forum map?

    Thanks for your suggestion.
    We really liked your suggestions and thus we have edited the forum map , based on your suggestions. :Happy:

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    Default Re: New forum map?

    Thanks. :] Hopefully this helps get the place active. Also, naming forums by specific names like "Full Movies" it gets compounded on search engine indexes better so you'll get more hits from google than all the DDL sites combined.
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