O'Neal in the playoffs was in full swing, his wife cheap puma men shoes did not idle. Hong Ni - O'Neill founded a television station in the VH1 series called "basketball wife" TV reality show, and served as producer. This is the program to broke the news mainly to tell the outside world NBA star's wife or girlfriend the real life of the state looks like. "It seems that the wife seems to have all the players," Hong Ni said, "but to my knowledge, in fact not so glamorous, wearing precious jewels to shine in front of the camera while his wife, the players have to costly to deal with all kinds of unimaginable trouble, such as her husband cheating on their own, groupie temptations of their own men, as well as their own loneliness and so on. a long time in this state, you are naturally insecure, often suspicious of. " O'Neill's lawyer advised shark and his wife should sign a confidentiality agreement, to prevent her program to talk mbt women shoes nonsense. Both the December 26, 2002 married, Hong Ni for O'Neill birth four children, himself and ex-husband and two children, who are the children of Hong Ni and living in Miami, Florida, she and O'Neal also cultural Demir there is a house. September 4, 2007 O'Neal has filed for divorce, but later said the two composite, Hong Ni, and withdrew the application for divorce. November 10, 2009 marriage two red light again, this time by the Hong Niti a divorce. O'Neill is said to Arenas wore a green hat - a large shark and general cheating on his fiancee Laura